Bathtub Refinishing Boston to Buffalo

There are just about a hundred reasons why a dated bathroom fixture like a bathtub deserves a revamp or a refinishing, but there is one thing that commonly hinders homeowners to get it done – the service cost that they fear will not meet their budget. Bathtub refinishing, as costly as it may sound, does not necessarily break the bank nor does it require one to shell out a huge amount of money. What most homeowners are not aware of is the idea that getting a bathtub refinishing service can spare them from spending about a thousand dollars or more for getting a replacement in the form of a brand new tub. With long years of experience as a contractor who specializes in home and bathroom remodeling and has served several clients from Boston to Buffalo, I have dealt with some of the best refinishing companies that offer high standard and satisfactory bathtub refinishing services at very reasonable prices – the exact reason why clients keep coming back to avail their services and even refer them to their neighbors and friends. Most bathtub refinishing service providers commonly offer sink and tile reglazing as well as vanity countertop remodeling, among others – making them a one-stop shop that is very convenient for any client. During service days, the staff sent by the tub refinishing company usually examine and assess the bathroom of the clients to check should there be any other components or fixtures that might need servicing. After which, they give the clients a quote or an estimate, and most of the time, they try to meet halfway and agree to a certain budget that the customers set.

Now, I would like to begin by enlisting some tips and educating you how refinishing and reglazing processes can be very beneficial not only to your bathtub, but also to your sink and tiles. I am aware how annoying it is to see your favorite fixture age; first it manifests in the paint, so discoloration will become quite obvious and visible, it will then go to the sides where chippings and some dents can be seen, and down to the bottom part where rust and gruesome dirt start to build up and mold. However, before giving in and opting to buy a brand new replacement or an expensive total remodel, also try to consider bathtub refinishing. Save up your hard-earned money and keep away from any possible excess expenses. Read up, and allow me to give you some of the most important reasons and ways on how bathtub refinishing is very beneficial and cost-effective.

  1. Need I say more? You can save bucks. I am serious when I say you can save up money, and by money, I mean a lot of money. Instead of replacing the fixture with a brand new, fresh from the furniture shop, and a gleaming piece of ceramic that commercially cost around 1000 dollars up to a whooping 3000 bucks. As for availing a quality bathtub refinishing service that normally charges customers for a rational amount that ranges from 450 to 500 dollars only. Do I need to hand you a magnifying glass to see it clearer? I doubt I do.
  2. Aside from money, you can also save time. Replacing a bathtub can eat up many hours just taking out and detaching the old one, and then putting in its brand new replacement. Whereas with bathtub refinishing, there is no drastic and noisy labors involved. The process usually takes less than a day, with all the necessary works all done and completed. Better news, you can already use your bathroom within the next 24 hours after getting serviced. Replacing the tub, on the other hand, obviously takes a longer span of time with the drying process before one can use the bathroom.
  1. The aesthetics and customization are all on you and up to you. With bathtub refinishing and reglazing, you as the client take charge in pretty much everything especially the customization part. You can choose from a wide variety of available colors based on your preference. You can change the yellow, peachy tint of your bathtub that appears like one from the ‘70s into a modern ivory white that gives just a minimalist vibe which most clients go for these days.
  1. You get to retain and keep the original. Several clients whom I dealt and made business with as a contractor have shown some serious kind of attachment to their bathtub. I do not mean to speak and sound sentimental, but one of the main factors as to why customers opt to just get a bathtub refinishing service rather than purchasing a brand new replacement is because the fixtures that lie in their bathrooms often hold valuable memories; be it being the tub where they first soaked as wedded couples or it being used by their grandparents sometime in the early years.
  1. It extends the life of the fixture. I am aware that a brand new bathtub obviously means a very long life span for it, but a quality bathtub refinishing service done to your precious tub can do just the same. A typical bathtub refinishing that is meticulously and perfectly done can extend the life of a bathtub for an additional 10 to 15 years of great appearance and quality. Only be mindful, and keep the shiny and pristine look of the bathtub by avoiding abrasive scrubbing pads as well as strong cleaning chemicals.

Although it all boils down to the cost-effectiveness of a bathtub refinishing service, one can truly testify that getting such service is definitely a value for money. Imagine getting your old and dated tub a new look, including color and finish, while saving a reasonable amount of money from buying a replacement. Customization, time saving, and reviving one’s original fixture are just a few of the many benefits a client can get from availing bathtub refinishing services.

In my years of being a contractor, I have experienced quite a lot of issues raised to me by my beloved clients. As a home remodelling expert, people often come to me to consult what they need to do to renew the deteriorating look of their sink and tiles. Great news, for you can also get pretty much the same refinishing and reglazing services for your sink and tiles. Your vanity countertop is not an exception from this.

Vanities Countertops, Sink & Tile Surrounds 

I can tell and recall how many times people opt to get their vanity countertops, sink, and tile surrounds refinished and reglazed right after getting the same service for their bathtub – probably about a hundred times, and I am proud of myself for having been able to aid their ceramic problems. I am no master; but pimping tiles with outdated hues and colors, reviving annoyingly stained countertop surfaces, and dealing with dirty, moldy, and almost impossible to clean grouts are just right up my alley. Below are just a few of the questions I commonly got from my clients:

Is it cheaper to just refinish my vanity countertop or replacing it entirely is the better choice?

  • Vanity countertop refinishing can save you more than half the cost that you need to pay for an entirely new countertop. Imagine the money and the energy you are going to spare yourself from – from the messy removal of the countertop, to the stressful plumbing works, changing any mirror or coverings. All these tiresome to-do’s are exactly what you can avoid if you opt to get refinishing services instead.
  1. Are there specific types of bathroom vanities that can be refinished?
  • Refinishing and reglazing services are the best option to get for aging vanity countertops that are made of tiles and cultured marble. Refinishing services when done to old vanities, sinks, and tiles can extend the useful years of each fixture – not to mention the new and pristine looks the service delivers.
  1. Are there any specific colors that service providers set for vanities, sinks, and tiles?
  • Customization is never limited. The clients can choose freely and deliberately decide on which color they want the service providers to apply and incorporate. Say for example, the client wants to go for an Old Hollywood Glam vibe for their vanity countertop, solid white is probably the best choice, and they can simply go for it. Some clients would go for bright colors just to give their bathrooms a more vibrant aura.
  1. How is bathroom wall tile refinishing done?
  • The process of bathroom tile refinishing is pretty much the same with how it is done on bathtubs. It starts with some thorough cleaning to take off and remove dirt of all sorts, gunks, body oil, and soap suds. This cleaning process is a prerequisite for the refinishing as it has to be completed first to give way for the refinishing proper. Once the cleaning is done, it is the time when acrylic coatings are applied to deliver a shiny look. These coatings are formulated with highly effective chemicals that remove all the dirt in between grouts.
  1. Is it possible to reglaze tiles?
  • The answer to this question is a resounding yes. It is simply the most practical way of reviving the pristine, original look of your bathroom tiles. If you find your bathroom tiles accumulating annoying dirt and gruesome gunks, it is best to get a tile reglazing service to save it from any possible worse damage. 

How long can the results of tile refinishing last?

  • As many of my valued clients would say, getting their bathroom tiles refinished and reglazed is totally worth their money. Ceramic tile refinishing is very dependable and durable; clients can be sure that the coating will last long as it undergoes a series of spray applications to make sure that the quality of the finish or coating can last a longer time. This method also contributes in bringing the shiny and glossy finish on the tiles.
  1. What factors should be put to consideration before going for a refinishing service?
  • Just like availing any other sorts of service, one should assess whether or not the tiles are worthy of refinishing. One point will have to be the things you are going to put on the surfaces, and the activities you are going to do that will potentially affect the tiles. There are certain areas that are recommended to undergo tile refinishing, but there are also spots where it is not advised. Vanity countertop and sink tiles are perfect candidates for a refinishing; same applies with the shower stall tile surrounds. Unlucky for the floorings as they can only be partially reglazed; bathroom floorings can be refinished, however the tile floors that are near to entryways or doors are not a good fit for the process as they are prone to abrasive damages.

Home and bathroom remodelling can be a tedious task to do, but there are services that you probably do not know of; one example is refinishing which I have just talked about. Services like bathtub refinishing as well as sink and tile reglazing can lighten up your load when you decide to pimp your bathroom area. These processes are done by professionals for reasonable prices without leaving the results compromised.

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